What is ShareMed?

As doctors, we know that medicine prices have risen and because of this, many of our patients often cannot afford the medication they desperately need to heal. And yet, we all have access to something that can help our indigent patients: drug samples.

An informal survey we conducted in 2015 showed that more than 70% of doctors’ drug samples simply expire. And of the remaining 30% that are given to patients, the majority still goes to those who can actually afford to buy their medication. What about those who have no money to pay? 

Why not put these unused drug samples in the hands of those who would most benefit from them? 

That’s where the idea for ShareMed was born.

ShareMed is a Service

ShareMed is a network of doctors that puts free drug samples to good use. A group of us doctors have banded together to collect and pool together our free medicine samples so that these can be given to poor patients who cannot afford to buy their own. These medicines are from our own free samples as well as donations from fellow doctors — and their indigent patients are the ones who can avail of these free drugs. Screening is done by the doctors themselves.

ShareMed is a Group You Can Join

There is no membership fee, no roster to sign. And we aren’t marketing or selling anything to you except perhaps: the chance to make a difference. 

By joining our group, your patients will have access to our supply of donated medicine. Donating your own samples is not mandatory — although it would be highly appreciated!  We simply want to create a network that will maximize the potential of these medicines so that even those who cannot afford them can be treated.

ShareMed is a Movement

Samples may seem like nothing to us — in fact it might even be considered “kalat” in our clinics — but if we all put what we have together, many needy patients can be helped. It’s a simple way to make a difference in our patients’ lives. And isn’t that the reason why we entered the profession in the first place? 

We’re hoping you want you to be a part of that.